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We at Axelrod Ideas are your go to person for all sorts of communication requirement, be it to the workforce via internal communication, or to your target market via marketing communication. Looking for building Communication framework, Brand tone, Employer branding, Internal Communication Strategy or an Audit of existing digital presence? got you covered...

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Wanna Know us in detail?

We are pretty interesting

In 2012 Facebook conducted a study on human behavior and the way it's affected by the nature of the content they consume. After observing how different groups of people reacted after being shown positive, negative or purely neutral content for a week, it was concluded that as positive enforcement of messages plays a big role in the way humans perceive content and their mood. This study, although controversial, has been elementary in understanding human behavior towards content and hence has been a pivotal base for the conception of Axelrod and our ideals.

Axelrod Ideas is a brand consulting and management firm that designs communication catered specially for the needs of an organization. At axelrod we believe that communication is personal and hence we work hand in hand with companies on optimizing their communication model backed with research, insights and well thought out strategies to maximize audience satisfaction. We thrive to change communications into conversations, that will help organizations to redefine its relations with both internal and external stakeholders.

Crafting Clarity in Communication

Removing the barriers of communication and working towards making conversations positive, creative, precise, and relatable.At Axelrod Ideas our focus driven and nuanced creative approach is dedicated to bring clarity and simplify communication. Here to fight daily battles against misunderstandings with ammunition of zeal, eagerness, and innovation.

Comfort in communication.

To spearhead the field of communication and ensure that the nature of conversations is always clear, concise and most importantly well understood. Invigorating positivity and setting a precedent for clarity and ingenuity when it comes to communicating and to make people view the field of communication through a lens of artistry and flair.

Striving to make you their favorite notification

We at Axelrod Ideas strive to streamline communication and ensure it is engaging, coherent and distinctive. Our goal is to create conversations that make connections. Driven by the passion to ensure that the buzz of communication is like music to the ears of your audience.

Aide de Camp in acing the approach for all audiences.

To act as an ambassador that enhances and compliments the communication structure of a company. Working together tactfully in identifying the needs of the organization and designing a working model best suited towards it.At Axelrod Ideas we are aiming to be a holistic and reliant pillar, as a custodian for all kinds of communication needs for the company.

For our work to be Innovative we have to be humble, focus driven and resilient towards our work and always open to collaborations.

  • Innovative

    Innovative and Agile
    Forward-thinking and quickly adaptable to the environment around us, ensuring that we at Axelrod Ideas are pioneering our way through every situation. Understanding the importance of staying one step forward and hence constantly keeping ourselves well informed and prepared.

  • Humble

    Humble and Harmonious
    Strong believers in letting our work speak for us. Our approach is bold but our nature is well-grounded and receptive to allow creative sanctity. We at Axelrod Ideas hold the importance of a nurturing and holistic work culture very high in our ideals.

  • Focus

    Focus Driven
    Abiding by our goals and objectives and working towards consistently raising the productivity bar, we at Axelrod Ideas are driven to achieve what we set out to do. Making sure to start each day at Axelrod with clarity, creativity, and a clear cut approach.

  • Resilient

    Conceivers of valiant and resilient work
    Audacious in every angle,at Axelrod Ideas our thought process is always set towards creating bold, distinctive and creatively forward ideas that invoke a sense of feeling in its audience.

  • Collaborative

    Passionately Collaborative
    Driven by the want of collective upliftment in the field of communication, we at Axelrod are always enthusiastic and on the lookout for collaborating with individuals and companies that are like-minded. Believing that teamwork is the way to achieve dreams at work!